3 Must-Know Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey

November 19, 2011 at 3:35 pm Leave a comment

So, I just finished interviewing several local businesses for Table Talk and it was a truly interesting show. I learned, for instance, a few good things to remember if you plan to deep fry a turkey for the marvelous holiday that is upon us. I was involved in deep frying a turkey long ago and it was a little scary being around all that hot oil. Image

Because you heat the oil to 350 degrees, you must be extremely careful. Remember, water boils at 212 degrees at sea level and about 202 degrees in Colorado Springs. When that lands on your bare skin, it causes trouble, so imagine something almost twice as hot. BE CAREFUL!

That, however, is not the first tip. First, make sure your turkey is fully defrosted. That means it needs to be kept in the refrigerator for at least two and possibly three days before you cook it for a 14 pound turkey. It will take more time for a larger bird.

Second, make sure is that your bird is completely dry when you drop it in the oil. Any water or moisture will cause the oil to splatter and could result in some serious pain. Drying it with a super absorbent towel that you can then put in the laundry is best.

Third, turn the propane off for just the time period when you lower the bird into the oil. If you do happen to spill or have an accident, you won’t have a grease fire on top of it all.

Common sense, all of it, but maybe you just don’t want the hassle. You can always contact Robert at The House Chef (719) 9644-0234 or http://www.coloradohousechef.com. He makes a Cajun spiced turkey that is moist, tender, nicely spiced and just plain delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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