Colorado Springs and the Arkansas River Valley Resources (Click titles to go to pages.)

Colorado Farm and Art Market, June through October, offering the freshest produce, meats, bread and dairy from the farmers in southeastern Colorado as well as value-added foods and artisan-made crafts. 

Pueblo Seed and Food Co., open pollinated seeds, certified organic garlic, sustainably grown vegetables

Hunt or Gather, Colorado buying club with connections to fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, flours/grains, value-added products and more. 

Larga Vista Ranch, Unpasteurized cow’s dairy in a cow-share program, vegetables, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork

Lasater Grass-fed Beef, naturally-raised beef with no additives, completely pasture-fed, visit the website for outlets or to order

Ranch Foods Direct, (719) 473-2306, bringing healthful, high quality, naturally tender meats directly to consumers straight from the ranch

New Roots Farm, CSA (Community-supported Agriculture) program as well as purchase what you want at the Colorado Farm and Art Market.

Health Resources

Jessica Patterson, Root: Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies
(719) 209-2108, Retreats, workshops, and individual counseling, “supporting your embodied yoga, on and off the mat, through individualized and small group work that addresses the specific
needs and circumstances of each person.”

Garden Resources to Enhance Your Colorado Springs Lifestyle

Hardings Nursery

Phelan Gardens

Rick’s Garden Center

Stellar Small Businesses in Colorado Springs

Miriam’s Place, A wholeness center dedicated to pain management through gentle touch and care, including co-working space for holistic therapeutics. 

Suzanne Metzger, Feng Shui Consulting Services: Create harmony in your home or office for a healthier, happier life.

Organizations that promote healthy living and eating

Green People, a database to find natural and health food stores in your region

Environmental Working Group, Research and a database to understand the toxic load on food, skin and body care products and more. 

 Slow Food USA, Promoting healthy, clean, fair and fun food!

Healthy Recipes from Integrative Nutrition


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