While the pandemic has changed our ability to get together, there is a renewed desire to learn to cook, garden fresh produce, and eat delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals. Cultivate Health LLC can help you do that from planning your garden to learning different ways to put in new beds. Gardening is always happening. My garden, at the beginning of December still has carrots and hardy greens that I’m harvesting as needed. A garden carrot is my tomato – the flavor is so much better and they easily store out there during the colder months, meaning no need to make space in the fridge. Contact me at Michele@CultivateHealthColorado.com if you are interested in learning more!

Cultivate Health’s Best Cooking of Your Life

Have you wondered what it would be like to take a cooking class using your tools in your space? These classes are perfect for someone who wants to experience dynamite cooking in their own kitchen! Get together you and five (or more) of your friends for an afternoon or evening of fun instruction and delicious dining. Classes run approximately 3 hours and are between $45pp and $55pp, depending on the topic and extras. Possible choices are:

  • Vegetarian Main Dishes
  • Soups for All Season
  • Easy Gluten-free Baking
  • The Ayurveda of Food (or Soups, Salads, etc.)
  • International themes of varying types

CultivateHealth@gmail.com or (719) 231-6265


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