“My learnings from Michele have been life changing! I initially met Michele when I took her gardening class several years ago. Michele is extremely knowledgeable and readily shares her knowledge in a way you can apply to your own garden (and life). My vegetable garden has been thriving and I understand so much more about what I can and cannot do in this climate.” –Anna Woods

Garden and Landscape Consulting

If you are looking for edible garden or landscape design and consulting, we will meet to ascertain exactly what your needs are. We will set realistic goals and provide you with detailed instruction of how to accomplish the yard/garden you want. I provide installation as well as design.

Side-by-Side Education
Choose to work in your yard with me at your side, explaining and helping you to learn how to garden and what’s approrpriate for your plants every step of the way to teach you everything you need to know about healthy plants and gardens.


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