Cultivate Health, Inside & Out

Your body, mind and spirit, just like a garden, must be nurtured and nourished. When you create optimum conditions for the specific plants that you grow, they flourish and provide energy to the planet. Provide yourself with the care and attention to your unique needs and the same thing happens: you become vital, balanced and healthy, and provide that energy to your world.

Health is about having fun, whether that’s with your newfound passion for gardening, cooking a simple, delicious meal and sharing it with friends, spending time with family, or whatever else you find important to your wellbeing.

Additionally, we all need exercise, sunshine and good food. Gardening provides all three while also contributing a sense of accomplishment, not to mention all the extra nutrients you get when you pick and eat your own vegetables!

I am here to facilitate your success!

Some goals you might consider are:

  • Improve your eating habits to create more energy;
  • Feel confident in choosing and preparing healthy food for yourself;
  • Learn how to grow your own vegetables;
  • Learn how to set up your kitchen for ease of preparing food;
  • Choose exercise that enhances your energy and vitality;
  • Stop your cravings and binges;
  • Live passionately.

Contact me today for a discounted initial consultation. We will discuss your health history, your current concerns and what you envision for your future. This one-hour session is a great way for you to understand how I work with clients and to see if we are a match. There is no obligation as I enjoy meeting new people.

This could be your best year yet!

CultivateHealth@gmail.com                                                       (719) 231-6265


2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. melissa  |  March 3, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Good website and Wellness goals.

  • 2. Ann carlisle  |  April 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Gardens: Thanks for update on the weather & effects on our tender little sprout longs… I enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry that the little veggies had more challenge than they were old enough to, well….weather…
    Meantime it’s pleasant & warmish in Santa Rosa CA. Cool nights, light jackets suffice here.
    I’ll be coming home on Sat Apr. 20th.
    See you soon. My retreat is going very well.


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