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To Garden or Not to Garden

To Garden or Not to Garden is never a question.

Okay, I know this, and yet I have hope that something can remain consistent. I would so love to be able to count on the weather to do something “normal.” No such luck here in southern Colorado.

I planted about four weeks ago. Had little sprouts coming up of cold-hardy veggies. Last week a major cold-snap came through like we haven’t had, period, in years. The wind was vicious and made the temps, which would have been bearable on their own, plummet to an unacceptable level for greens, root veggies and more.

Could I have done something different? Sure. I thought about covering everything, but then took the chance that we would actually see the 2-4 inches of snow predicted and that would provide the perfect insulation for the temps and wind. Should I have known better? Sure. But I chose to try something that didn’t work and in so doing, learned a valuable lesson. Better to be safe than sorry. Life does go on.

The human spirit maintains that, in the face of adversity, we must move forward. We must move through the current trial set for us. It is only through trying that we learn and, as I am fond of saying, if we are not learning, we are dead. Not an option!

So, I will muster on, planting a new crop of cold-season veggies after this week and the next storm that is scheduled to come through in hopes that we are far enough into the spring that the timing will work and I will still get a spring crop of radishes, peas, greens and more.

Wish me luck, or better yet, get out and plant with me in spirit!


April 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm 4 comments


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